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We want half of the profits to go out and help fund the Compel Crosby orphanage in Webuye, Kenya. Check it!

Untitled by Talishu
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:iconcapella336: Ask and ye shall receive... but don't say I didn't warn you.

Q: How old are your projects, and if you want to tell, how did they start?

A: Some comics come from movies. Some come from books. Mine came from a long poem written by a brooding teenager. At the time, I was enamored with classic epic poetry like The Odyssey and The Divine Comedy. And, to be frank, I wasn’t a very good poet. I wish I could remember exactly where the idea of creating a comic came along, but it probably started growing from the little stories and comics I would write after school to amuse myself. Its name escapes me, but I recall a bunch of personal mini comics I would make about a silly group of “villains” who were trying too hard to be bad. Likewise, the art was so bad that I refuse to post it in this journal.

Great writers like Jeff Smith and Kazu Kibuishi were my inspiration to how I wanted to try to approach comics. I try to walk a fine line between the artistic style of Western comics and sensibility of manga (sometimes tilting toward one end of the spectrum at times). Emotion, to me, is very important in storytelling. In movies and books, you can hear or have described how a character feels at that moment, but in comics, you don’t really get that.

I don’t consider myself a writer. Sometimes I get really existential and wonder if I’m actually an artist, haha. I’ve never really studied writing or art, so I tend to fly by the seat of my pants a large majority of the time. Hence why the script for Nightbreak is pretty much worked on simultaneously with the art. Many of my scenes and pages end up being planned out individually or even spontaneously, with no link in between and sometimes with no definitive ending. Which is why the earlier chapters may feel and look pretty jumbled. The character Shad was literally conceived one page before he would have appeared in Chapter 1; I had no intention of making him last longer than a chapter or two.

NieveBlaeke by TalishuNightbreak thumbnail (2) by TalishuPage by Talishu
2013-2014ish art.

But let's back up now.
The earliest draft of Nightbreak that still went under that title was about a “chosen one” girl (plot twist: she wasn’t actually the chosen one), a shepherdboy, and the occasional minor character wandering a desolated world, searching for redemption for their people.
Untitled by TalishuUntitled by Talishu IMG 5039 copy by Talishu
It was hand-drawn and topped with a heavy helping of good vs. evil and swordfights and stuff. Disturbingly, elements of it still exist in Nightbreak now. Doesn't he look very Rei-like?

Page (5) by TalishuPage (7) by TalishuRei and the Pulse World19 by TalishuRei and the Pulse World16 by TalishuRei and the Pulse World5 by TalishuRei and the Pulse World15 by Talishu
Then Manga Studio struck and this stuff started happening.

To create my characters, I more often than not draw from people I’ve met in real life. I love observing people, and if you’ve come within five feet of me some incarnation of you is likely to appear in my art. Along with lots of personal references and jokes. But, of course, there’s often aspects of fictional characters too, like Rei, who was initially inspired, among many things, from Cassandra from Greek mythology and the character Simon in Golding’s Lord of the Flies. I think he becomes more and more incoherent the more I write him… Cerus’ character was spawned after a road trip I took with my wacky bird-hating uncle, and a not-so-nice history teacher I had once. Shad’s father, Shahed, was based off of the prophet Hoshea. Nieve has existed for a while because I knew I wanted to write a story with an optimistic, kind female as a lead, and I took mental notes while observing girls in real life. Shad’s design/appearance was also initially based on a real person, but I feel like his character has ended up on the receiving end of some of my own personally traits, haha.
Rei and the Pulse World1 by Talishu Untitled by Talishu
The very first Shad ever vs. sketches from last week.
I love making characters who act as foils to each other, but not necessarily in a hero vs. villain way. An example of this is what I’ve been trying to achieve with the characters Nieve and Shad, who are very much opposites of each other; but because of this, they bring out each others’ best (or worst) traits.

Some of the places and backgrounds were also drawn from real places. I like to contrast cramped, cluttered spaces with wide, vast ones. The world of Nightbreak has always been intentionally constrained, at least in the sense that it’s just a city in a mountain stuck out in an endless desert. I went through a few names before coming to “Kiriath-Rapha” (a cheap, not-so-subtle Hebrew cheat), including “Andela”, “Sheimaor”, and “Rim”, the latter which became a term of the outermost circle in Rapha.
Taking cues from the melancholic works of Don Bluth, I'm a big fan of desaturated, muddy color palettes, with the single burst of color.

6 Copy Copy by TalishuUntitled by Talishu

2012/13ish vs. 2016/17

There is a flashback scene back in Chapter 5 where Shad’s father tells a young Shad a story, recounting the history of their little world.
“The world is dark, and full of more sadness than you can fathom… and light is very precious,” he says.
It would be the greatest honor to me if you thought of me as a friend telling you a story in the dark. Telling it straight from my heart, to escape the sadness and the darkness, and hoping that just one person will also find some light in this disjointed little comic.

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Big Ghibli fan here. I would be lying if I said I don't come to this video on sometimes a weekly basis because it's very inspiring.
This is a definite must-watch for any aspiring storytellers out there.

Meanwhile, it's the first day of Hanukkah + Christmas Eve!
I'm off to make terrible decisions regarding food.
Bless anyone who reads this, and to all a good night!
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Name: D. Elaine Dezsö

Star sign: January 20, Aquarius and/or Capricorn. Depends on which zodiac you’re looking at.

Average of hours sleep: I always try to get 8 hours. Midnight-7:30ish is my usual schedule. I’m an unfortunate night owl living in an early bird society.

Lucky number: 7. Not exactly original, but it’s special.

Last thing I googled: “do geese have teeth on their tongues” and it was frightening.

When I started this account: Some time during 2013, I think.

Amount of watchers:  88.

What do I post: Mostly Nightbreak stuff. Occasional fanart of things that make me nostalgic.

Do I run any more blogs: I keep bouncing the idea of posting the weird and random things I do with my life somewhere. Maybe some day.

Do I get a lot of comments: Not really.

Why I chose my username: Take into account that this was back in 2013, so I named myself after after Talis of Leylius from Nightbreak. *intense facepalm*  I’d really like to get a Core account just to change it to my actual name.

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(If you want to, no pressure.) 

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I'm somewhat suffering from a case of ennui, so I just want to show off this Pikachu bookmark I made, requested by a young friend who's just learning to read. =D
I'm being "paid" with hugs.
Untitled by TalishuUntitled by Talishu

P.S. The example book is Frank Peretti's The Oath. It's been my favourite book for 5+ years, and I recommend it immensely.
P.S.S. That was intentionally shameless advertisement.
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Here is where I'll feature the first 10 people that comment on this journal, and put my three most favorite pieces of art on here when I feature them.
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So before the fountains of Ch. 4 break forth and flood my activity, I'd like to bring attention to a fellow deviant and real-life friend, :iconoptimusprimemyridian:. She's doing commissions, making little pixel icons, adoptables, etc...
Examples of her stuff include:  Shad by OptimusPrimeMyridian Neive by OptimusPrimeMyridian Rei by OptimusPrimeMyridian
For more information:  100pts - 150pts Icon Commishes Icons are available! 150:points: for a joined and 100:points: for a single.
Once I give you the A-Okay to send the points over please send me a ref of the character(s) you're wanting.
Ex. of joined icon.

Ex. of single icon.

Also, as an excuse for my inactivity these past weeks, I'd like people to know that I've penmonkeyed Vol. 1 of Nightbreak. I'd rather post good pages later than scheduled than lazy ones on time. And I've definitely done that before.
Also, if you actually took the time to read this, you're pretty awesome. Watches give me the feels.

Also, I'm storing icons here, just ignore this:
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